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The Organ Attics

People in hiding in the Rotterdam Breeplein Church is an abridged version of the book ‘De Orgelzolders. Onderduikers in de Rotterdamse Breepleinkerk (2017). This English version is published for the 75th anniversary of the Dutch liberation from German occupation by the Allied Forces in 1945. For the Dutch, the Second World War ended with the liberation.

In The Organ Attics, author Anja Matser tells the unlikely but true story of the six adults and a baby born while in hiding, who hid there for years. Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, wrote the foreword.

The story of the Organ Attics

An extraordinary discovery was made in 2006 in the Breeplein Church in Rotterdam South (the Netherlands). Diagonally above the imposing organ were hideouts where seven Jewish people had hidden during the Second World War. On the wooden floor there was still evidence of this: food packaging, candy wrapping, matches, some clothes, a tin with small coals, a small broken lamp…

Who were these people and who had helped them to hide? How could they have survived in a cold, dark attic and what drove the protectors to risk their own lives for these families? This and more can be read in this impressive book.

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